Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stillwater’s West Coast Watch?

Stillwater’s West Coast Watch (WCW) is a transportation fuels market information portal. The portal provides West Coast refined petroleum product and renewable fuels supply and demand data, industry news, and analysis in one place. It offers a full picture of the transportation fuels fundamentals on the West Coast.


What is Stillwater’s exclusive Refinery Margin Index?

Stillwater has developed a proprietary Refinery Margin Index to monitor the health of the refining business on the West Coast. This helps us develop analysis on how the market is doing and what might happen next. Our refining margin index accounts for the typical crude run in West Coast refineries, the cost of compliance with GHG-reduction regulations, and local refined product prices. It compares historic margins with current trends and provides margin indices for the region’s three major market enclaves: Southern California, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest.


What other data do you provide?

Along with the Refinery Margin Index, the DataWatch dashboard also hosts graphs of regional supply, demand, and storage data for finished petroleum products and renewable fuels. This provides a full picture of the transportation fuels landscape and includes gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, renewable diesel, biodiesel, and ethanol.


What are all these acronyms?

We use a lot of shorthand! Here are some handy definitions to keep you in the know.

  1. PADD 5 – This how the U.S. Department of Energy defines each region of the U.S. PADD stands for Petroleum Area Defense District. 5 refers to the Western region and includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.
  2. bbl – Barrels. Petroleum products are traditional measured in barrels or gallons. Stillwater uses barrels to measure both petroleum and renewable fuels products. One barrel = 42 gallons.
  3. kbd – Thousand barrels per day
  4. BD – biodiesel
  5. RD – renewable diesel


What is included in the WCW Market Analysis?

Published monthly, the WCW Market Analysis reports on the latest refining, petroleum product, and renewable fuels trends. This analysis delivers Stillwater’s exclusive take on market developments and offers valuable forward-looking insights on what these developments may mean for stakeholders.


What are Stillwater Special Reports?

Published quarterly, Stillwater Special Reports are our off-the-shelf analyses on trends in the transportation fuels market. Here we offer our exclusive view on how external forces like changes in the economy or government regulations impact the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of transportation fuels.


Who should become a West Coast Watch member?

The data and analysis provided on Stillwater’s West Coast Watch are essential for:

  • Refiners
  • Traders
  • Renewable Fuel Producers
  • Storage and Logistics Firms
  • Fuel retail
  • Private Equity Firms and Investors
  • Industry Trade Groups


How do I become a member?

It’s easy! Click on the Subscribe Now button for either a Monthly or Yearly Membership, fill in your information on the registration page, provide your payment information, and voila! Congratulations – you’re a WCW member!


How much does a membership cost?

You have two options for your WCW Membership. You can choose the monthly option for $130 per month. Or, sign up for a yearly membership for a $1,500 annual payment; a $60 discount compared to 12 monthly payments. The first week of your membership is free!


Can I get additional help from Stillwater?

We are transportation energy consultants! We’re available to provide our guidance and expertise on topics including market strategy and feasibility, mergers & acquisitions, technology development, litigation support, and policy insight. Contact us to find out more.



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