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Stillwater Associates is a transportation fuels consulting firm specializing in downstream markets. The downstream business is competitive, and changes happen fast. Our associates leverage decades of experience at major oil corporations to help clients navigate the challenges with the highest level of industry knowledge, market analysis, policy insight, and emerging technology strategies.

From crude oil and gasoline to renewable fuels, we are experts in policy, logistics, refining, and retail marketing. Through our expertise, our clients receive the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

The West Coast transportation fuels market is often referred to as an island. Geographic isolation, unique gasoline and diesel specifications, and greenhouse gas reduction regulations make it an exceptionally challenging environment. New market pressures create rapid changes. Even in the best of times, the region’s fuel producers, marketers, retailers, and investors face economic pressures that are prone to fluctuation. Without the right information, it can be difficult for stakeholders to navigate these changes and seize opportunity.

Stillwater’s West Coast Watch portal provides the information industry participants need to spot opportunities and act immediately. Our portal includes all of the information you need in one place: refined petroleum product data; renewable fuels supply and demand data; industry news and analysis.

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